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iscrulz's News

Posted by iscrulz - January 16th, 2009

You are cordially invited to my Barbecue.

Please put your meat on my grill. Repeatedly. jajajajajakekekekekhahahahahahahkekeke kekejajaja

Okay you get it. time for the next blog fuck you you wont read this I will give 25 dollars if you do.

Nope okay your loss.

Come to my BBQ

Posted by iscrulz - December 14th, 2008

heres some good videos to fap to boys

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this is a hilarious commerical

Limited time only sorry folks. I got my Wii Fit for the Christmas and I haven't used it yet. Add me to PSN to play some GTA IV.

Posted by iscrulz - November 5th, 2008

Holy shit wow the first N-word United States of America President whoa holy crap this is historic. Comment if you are blown away by this unforgettable moment. The GOP is out of power. I had to blog about this because 60 million of faggots are too. So I guess the Democratic's are the GOP now, rofl.

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20,000 experiences fuck thats 2 thousands times I deposited what a fuck waste of time huh.
So long pay checks.

Posted by iscrulz - August 28th, 2008

Right here hang that East Coast Ivy League liberal elietist.

thought I was going to say Nig-gore warning not for sensitive people.


There is Powerful N***ardry at work here
An' it's gettin' stronger year after year
Big lips, 40 ounces, chickens, and fleas
Only thing worse would be them chingy chang Chinese

I hear screams of "Save us Ruckus, with your Irish blood!
N***as comin' in droves since that N'awlins flood!"
I got re-vitiligo, opposite of what Michael Jackson got
I might look like a farm tool, but my n***a hate burns white hot

Ingrates runnin' fast with their big monkey feet
Runnin' for a white woman to skeet skeet skeet
Watch yourself white woman, the apes is on the loose!
All them n***as is GUILTY! I brought the noose!

Don't worry, I'll save you from this nappy headed scare
I made me a Scare N***a ta' keep porch monkeys from your lair
I got me one wish though, my good white mates
I wanna go ta' White Heaven, an' see the Gipper at the Gates.

I got the Rope.

Posted by iscrulz - July 21st, 2008

Hey visitors I was away from this site because of technical difficulties but the site is working fine for me. Thanks to Bahamut for getting those deposits it was a doozy. Well since it looks like I back I feel like its a new start. I am NOT going to miss my deposits anymore. A new header and profile pick are going to be made and have uploaded.

I didn't played Gta 4 foR a week damn. More than.

Like the PS3 XMB header. You can get the p3t file yourself

PS3 NID: SkaptoR
This is the job every boy wants when he's 13, and it is, in fact, real. Video game developers and companies will actually pay people to play video games all day, as that's the only way to track down bugs before release. And yes, "before release" means not only do you get paid to play, you get to play the games months or years before anyone else.

Did we say we dreamed of it when we were 13? Hell, this is the job we want now.

The Reality:

It's sort of like getting a job testing various sex lubrication formulas, only to realize that the goal is finding out which ones make your dick break out in an angry rash. The entire point of play testing is to find the parts of the game that are horrible, frustrating and broken, and play them over and over and over and over.

The life of a games tester is ruled by strict guidelines from the developers which condemns you to playing the same small section of the same game for your entire eight hour shift. Each time you hit a glitche, you write up a small treatise describing exactly how you found it. They'll try to fix it, you'll go back the same spot and play it over and over again to make sure. This goes on for weeks.

Also keep in mind that sometimes you won't even get to play games, but, rather, will be asked to test the hardware itself which includes such life-affirming assignments as turning the console on and off hundreds of times while carefully timing and documenting how long it takes to power-up each time.

Also, the "perk" of being able to play games long before their commercial releases is quickly corrupted when the realization hits that the further ahead of the release date you are, the more unfinished and irritating the product is to play.

Unfinished levels, features that are only halfway implemented, rampant bugs and glitches mean that by the time the game actually makes it to shelves, the very thought of it will make you break into a cold sweat and scream "FUCK YOU!" every time you pass an EBGames (if you don't do that already).
LOL @ cunteyes

Newgrounds Flash Portal

Posted by iscrulz - April 20th, 2008

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To fuck his hen.

Sad news my penis has been sevred competely off

Heres a sweet ass metal music video I found strolling on youtube its good as Helloween and Lamb of God

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The best COCK JOKE!, old header and I am gH4y

Posted by iscrulz - March 9th, 2008

I would like to share my goats with Newgrounds. Here are the goats. I am fond of the fainting goats. Scare one of the females with your cock up 'er ass and you will blow your load even if your dick is flaccid. I would like to thank MSU for hosting my geocitesque site. You didn't read this am I correct..

Have fun in my last blog. warning you must be really really really fucking gay and love the cock.

Wii Number 4026 9722 2198 2582

R.I.P. iscrulz 02-12-2002 to 04-25-2008.

My Goats

Posted by iscrulz - January 24th, 2008

Come and get your free blowjob.
Ends NEVER SYkE boys I will always give free Gay sex acts. Yeah come and get it. I love homophobes and bi-curious men.

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Line up and get it HARD.

Posted by iscrulz - October 21st, 2007

Comment for your chance to win a 1,000,000 dollars. Runner-up gets a Toyota. Second-runner up(s) win a 100 grand. To enter contest pick a 22 digit number. No purchase is necessary. Good luck to all. This is 100% legitimate. Odds of winning grand prize 1:4,950,000, first place 1:25,500, second place 1:1.0000000000000000000000000000000000 001.

Posted by iscrulz - September 11th, 2007

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