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I got the Rope.

Posted by iscrulz - August 28th, 2008

Right here hang that East Coast Ivy League liberal elietist.

thought I was going to say Nig-gore warning not for sensitive people.


There is Powerful N***ardry at work here
An' it's gettin' stronger year after year
Big lips, 40 ounces, chickens, and fleas
Only thing worse would be them chingy chang Chinese

I hear screams of "Save us Ruckus, with your Irish blood!
N***as comin' in droves since that N'awlins flood!"
I got re-vitiligo, opposite of what Michael Jackson got
I might look like a farm tool, but my n***a hate burns white hot

Ingrates runnin' fast with their big monkey feet
Runnin' for a white woman to skeet skeet skeet
Watch yourself white woman, the apes is on the loose!
All them n***as is GUILTY! I brought the noose!

Don't worry, I'll save you from this nappy headed scare
I made me a Scare N***a ta' keep porch monkeys from your lair
I got me one wish though, my good white mates
I wanna go ta' White Heaven, an' see the Gipper at the Gates.

I got the Rope.

Comments (11)

The Boondocks suck ass

So does ATHF but I like stuff that sucks.

Why do all these black people in cartoons have one big eye?

They need the larger eye to help see in the night to steal your plasma.

hehe i fucking get it

right. Now come here and get ready to get ya ass popped. I got my dick ready and I aint scared to get shit on it.

holy shit i wish i had stats like u

Give me your password and I will get you these stats.

i hate having a fucklin detyi whistle GOD D*MNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep I created alts just to get the garbage whistle. I blew jobbed the whistle to much to go back to Gold.

I'm sorry.

This post is very relevant my interest.

your level is 42 you are sup. comander and your whistle status is deity... do u have any hint or tip to get fast points?

Deposit everyday. Vote 5 on everything espically spam collab flash and only blam really shitty flash.

I wish I werez you...

(Boondocks FTW)

oh lawdy

Man, fuck you N***a!
GTFO NG bitch, this is ma house now, cribbs!

Nah it aint your fucker. Ya all can suck my cock bitch I aint leaving my house. hi