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iscrulz's News

Posted by iscrulz - October 30th, 2009

Win coke rewards points post here.

First Come First Serviced.

Time for an update

Posted by iscrulz - July 26th, 2009

Just watch. R.I.P. my Conan moving to Tonight Show news post.

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Why do we say Newgrounds like we are a group of people living in the same city?

First person to answer correctly wins a surprise prize. Yeah.

The prize you get to see what this image is.

Most hilarious YT ever.

Posted by iscrulz - May 28th, 2009

The king of Late Night Talk Show Comedy has returned. Click here to read all about it

June 1st 2009 11:35 P.M. EST Mondays threw Fridays.

Hello Andy Richter the new announcer. Goodbye Joel Goddard and enjoy the thousands of cars and motorcycles Jay Leno.


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The Tonight Show

Posted by iscrulz - April 22nd, 2009

Her is some hawt Miley Cyrus pics that you boys can fap to. Click here to see more.

This is what I roll in bitches, be envious.

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The best wrestling match ever.

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Free FF hentai

News thats fair and balanced

Posted by iscrulz - March 25th, 2009

I got my first platinum trophy for PS3. I am on my 3rd game, 2nd partial game after defeating the storyline on good karma, then just getting to max exp on evil karma. So this is my countdown and once I am finished its time to statwhore it up in here, or Bioshock trophies.

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Now for your amusement a HiLaRYawzz video.

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Posted by iscrulz - January 24th, 2009

The Lost and Damned

Damn piece of fucking bullshit

The Lord forgives the lost doesn't. uh hahaha wow that mega badass catchphrase.

WHAT IS THIS FUCKING SHIT. A fucking expansion game/add-on (whatever you like) for GTA IV but it's only for the motherfucking 360. Man fuck them piece of shit microcock suckers. Exclusively for Xbox 360 fuck that shit. GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories all came out on a Sony first not the fucking xbox. Even Nintendo got 2 I think exclusive gta games advance and chinatown wars. Whats next Cuban wars.

Man Fuck EA or take-two or Rockstar for making it just for 360 I don't care if the game is bad or sucks but only having it on 360 is like slapping your mother's face. PlayStation 2 made GTA 3-SA famous so why not have it on the Playstation 3. Nope I suppose Russian Mob Wars will come to the PS3 but then it won't be exclusive.

Fucking ass piece of shit fucker. Every time I see a fucking biker in GTA IV I am going to beat his ass with a baseball bat. Oh shit punch me you piece of shit biker. Guess what you missed pop pow your dead. Melee counter FTW. Then I am going to RPG your stupid worthless piece of shit biker a thousand times because yeah I am rich (5k for one ammo) and I can have unlimited amount.

So fuck you EA and Microsoft and fuck the Lost and Angels of Death. Niko should have massacred Johnny in the diamond heist part. Then have Packie burn the fucking body so there couldn't be an exclusive add content for the 360 without the main character of the lost and damned.

WHY Rockstar WHY.

I am pissed. Time to go kill the gay ass bikers.

Oh and the annihilator yeah that's badass the hunter in VC could kick the annihilators ass. Then get hydra in the fight its no fucking contest.

DFLR - (Didn't feel like reading) I am pissed the Lost and Damned is only for 360.

100% on GTA IV hooray...

Posted by iscrulz - January 16th, 2009

You are cordially invited to my Barbecue.

Please put your meat on my grill. Repeatedly. jajajajajakekekekekhahahahahahahkekeke kekejajaja

Okay you get it. time for the next blog fuck you you wont read this I will give 25 dollars if you do.

Nope okay your loss.

Come to my BBQ

Posted by iscrulz - December 14th, 2008

heres some good videos to fap to boys

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this is a hilarious commerical

Limited time only sorry folks. I got my Wii Fit for the Christmas and I haven't used it yet. Add me to PSN to play some GTA IV.

Posted by iscrulz - November 5th, 2008

Holy shit wow the first N-word United States of America President whoa holy crap this is historic. Comment if you are blown away by this unforgettable moment. The GOP is out of power. I had to blog about this because 60 million of faggots are too. So I guess the Democratic's are the GOP now, rofl.

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20,000 experiences fuck thats 2 thousands times I deposited what a fuck waste of time huh.
So long pay checks.

Posted by iscrulz - August 28th, 2008

Right here hang that East Coast Ivy League liberal elietist.

thought I was going to say Nig-gore warning not for sensitive people.


There is Powerful N***ardry at work here
An' it's gettin' stronger year after year
Big lips, 40 ounces, chickens, and fleas
Only thing worse would be them chingy chang Chinese

I hear screams of "Save us Ruckus, with your Irish blood!
N***as comin' in droves since that N'awlins flood!"
I got re-vitiligo, opposite of what Michael Jackson got
I might look like a farm tool, but my n***a hate burns white hot

Ingrates runnin' fast with their big monkey feet
Runnin' for a white woman to skeet skeet skeet
Watch yourself white woman, the apes is on the loose!
All them n***as is GUILTY! I brought the noose!

Don't worry, I'll save you from this nappy headed scare
I made me a Scare N***a ta' keep porch monkeys from your lair
I got me one wish though, my good white mates
I wanna go ta' White Heaven, an' see the Gipper at the Gates.

I got the Rope.