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At least it's Minecraft and not a brat playing Roblox, nevertheless a person with your talents could or did pull that off.

I never realized podcast where on the audio portal msybe I just never thought about it. Now I have something to listen to, too chill.

DomAndFroShow responds:

I've recently started to listen to them at work and they're making the days so much easier to get through. Thank you for listening.

That was pretty metal to me. For not being a metal vocalist the screaming was good.

This is a masterpiece. Part of Newgrounds history.

Nicely played or made. Piano music just makes sad music so much more sad.

Wow this sweet. The beats are sick. I like a the different varieties of music. 5

jjoon responds:

Wow Awesome! Thank you so much!

Nice n tranquil music. It was nice to listen to.

MoroniAngelGD responds:

Thx For Listening!

What a song

A nice relaxing piano or keyboard song to listen to. I have no tips expect to keep it up a nice blue pill helps too. The pauses were the only thing I didn't approve of. I liked the rest. Next lets hope its used in a tragic love sense flash were the character fights and struggles to survive and makes it through the trials and tribulation of the conquest.

Rwinius responds:

thanks for the comment, i might persuade you to check this song again, i filled up some of the silence, and edited some of the chords :)

Everything I loved expect

for the growling. It was to Satanic for me. I like clean vocals and grunts used sparingly like in most Gothic metal bands. The music was very good and quite enjoyable. If you were going for non-understandable lyrics then congrats I couldn't even follow along. Mostly because of the fact the vocals scared me. Time to get Heavy at Habbo Hotel.

Goatchrist responds:

"too satanic" ? :P there are no satanic lyrics in this one, by the way.

Glad you enjoyed it though!

Roll Full

Your so full of crap. WINNER.
It would be better if it was for real and you let out a huge diaherra juicy scat blast breaking the toilet in half. I am sure if JonBro or other overrated artist didn't submit this audio it would be a 1.58

JonBro responds:

"I am sure if JonBro or other overrated artist didn't submit this audio it would be a 1.58."

Don't worry. I'm trying to find ways for me to actually deserve the slight bit of Internet popularity I may be receiving. This obviously wasn't much of an attempt at that. XD

Accept your perceived reality. n,l,e, I am the one that hides In Flames and fire. Ingested listen to them.🔨

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