Entry #36

Free* account.

2017-07-27 03:02:39 by iscrulz

Who wants to take over my account when I am unable to log on and deposit my experience. You must have a 85% deposit rate and other stipulations. Comment if you want to apply.


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2017-08-16 00:54:43

Aw, man. Just deposit when you can. Don't worry about every missed deposit these days. That's so 2003. ;D

iscrulz responds:

Yeah I miss a few here and there. I wasn't here in 2003 what was all the fuss back then.


2017-09-24 17:05:21

ive always wanted to know what it says when a level 60 deposits, like does it say how many exp you have till the next level or what?

iscrulz responds:

yes and I am going to get 100,000 exp pts. by the time I reach 100k they will change the level caps or add more levels.


2017-09-25 23:39:36

if they add more levels i will stop depositing

iscrulz responds:

Hmm to stop at a certain level or just give up.


2017-09-25 23:41:33

you still have 14 years of deposits left

iscrulz responds:

Well I am more than half way there is how I look at.