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Posted by iscrulz - April 29th, 2018


Hey does anyone check this leave a 4 letter response *crickets*



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Hi. What a nice day

Indeed it is! Cloudy but cool. Good May so far.

America or UK either one it is good so far, I don't mind rain though.

Sweden too. :) We're bound to get some rain today but I hope they're wrong, or it's a short fall. Outside concert tonight.

Speaking of: speaking of weather's a highly stereotyped conversation starter over here. It's all we talk about apparently.

I see mate. its a short spring or it will be one. Yeah we yanks like complaining about the heat in the summer or coldness in the winter or raining etc.

Well maybe it's a worldwide conversation-starting stereotype huh? :D The summer heat is definitely a bit too warm sometimes compared to the cold of winter, but the winter cold's often kinda cold compared to that summer heat... those short-lived seasonal bridges are the best bits sometimes.

It must be. You don't have or don't know you have something in common lets complain about it snowing in September. Winter is better in the sense that it easier to get warm than to cool off. I agree Fall and Spring are underrated.

Oh man it actually snows in September where you live?! I thought anywhere in the US was warmer than here. Interesting. Can't remember having our first snow any earlier than October, ever. For sure. I like the cool too, just really miss the sunshine during that darker phase. For a couple months the light barely makes it over the horizon.

Yeah it has but it melts its mostly in November when the snow is here and won't melt until March. I lived in Minnesota and Michigan so its winter early but the last couple or more years there was no snow on the ground in December. The shorter days is slightly annoying but I never seen it barely go over the horizon thats like the north/south pole where its all day or night.

Haha yeah the North up here is pretty close to the pole I guess. It's a long country so down South the sun appears all year, but the furthest North there is no light at all for just about a month. Good to know bout the States of weather over there! South here is similar, though snow comes and goes. We live here and move North a while each summer - when the Siberian winds blow in and that part actually often gets warmer than the other. That's where the wilderness is too. A belt of green stretched out like a belching sea. Freedom.

Ah yes I foolishly confuse Sweden and Switzerlands location. It makes sense now Sweden and surrounding countries are really close to the North pole obviously. US up north near Canada has its four seasons southern states it's hot or pretty warm year round. Ah the wilderness it's wonderful here too around me its deer, coyotes and small critters in forest regions across the Midwest. Is the Muslim migration a big problem over there, I either don't watch the news or there hasn't been a major terror attack in Europe. Probably because Obama isn't president.

At least you know the country though, seems knowledge out of the outside world's not always all that common there! XD Many do confuse us too. Makes sense regarding the seasons! And that sounds awesome. No coyote here but swap that for wolf it sounds similar.

Hmm well it depends on what you'd consider major. We've had a few incidents here, most notably: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Stockholm_attack

Most recently they arrested a few before they could do anything, and a few years earlier on Christmas Eve one guy blew himself up by accident, along with a car, before he'd reached the intended group of people. There have been bigger things in other countries though, like the recent (last year?) concert bombing in France. Security's definitely a lot tighter now than it was a few years ago, though migration amounts are decreasing so hopefully the problem's going away.

The real problem isn't so much immigration (even if we've accepted way too many) as the integration though, IMO. We're incredibly bad at it. Refuges get privileges but no obligations. So much tax payer waste, and cultural clashes when there is none to conform to even if you want too, when patriotism is taboo, racism such a common offense people don't dare even approach the topics... so yeah, not sure what the biggest threat is but: we could be handling things better.

You definitely do hear a lot more about terrorism in the US, here too. Though it's becoming a bit of a political excuse to crack down on unrelated parties as well isn't it; keep people in check? Sometimes not so sure what the biggest threat is, the perceived threat of the threat of governments going overboard to protect against in; caging in and putting people against each other while they're at it.

Can't edit posts for some reason, constant 'you can't edit a post with ID 0' error. :/ Meant to fix the last part in the previous: 'the perceived threat OR the threat of'...

I am mediocre in geography. Its astonishing how many Americans fail to name 95% to 100% of the states quizzes, Throw in world capitals or countries and its shameful. I mean the Middle East would be hard and Pacific islands.
Anyways it looks like major cities (large population) that are susceptible to attacks. You probably won't hear a car bomb went off in Noppikoski, Sweden or Mio, Michigan. Theres attacks in New York City here and there. It doesn't matter if you hate president Trump or not. There hopefully will be less terrorist attacks globally. Its the same here illegal aliens I mean undocumented immigrants get more privileges it cost just California billions of dollars for this stuff. I wonder why do illegals with no rights have better government assistance(College tuition, housing, food stamps etc.) than blue collar taxpayers Screw them give us bigger tax cuts, and tax the rich they are the biggest problem to middle class.
The biggest threat is the establishment, globalism, multiculturalism. The war on whites is only go to get worse if there is race baiters and pro diversity agendas. To stop racism stop judging everyone by there race, religion, ethnicity and what not but by the their character. There is a lot more but I think thats a start.

There war on Western culture may never end. Islam vs Christianity, Judaism and even Hinduism will be thousands of years of never ending. Historically Religion is the cause/reason for most of the wars.

Well I probably wouldn't ace a state quiz either. XD My geography skills aren't that groovy either. We (used to) play a lot of flag games, trivia games on travel etc, but that particular breed of knowledge just doesn't want to stick. Maybe Noppikoski will, though! And Mio like our furniture retailer with the same name.

Yeah, major cities indeed, and agreed. As my parents are pensioners I notice a lot of injustice in that, in how they get their pensions cut more and more with those resources getting used in other areas, and everything caters to the rich too. 25% of all pensioners in the country are homeless since they just can't afford the rent. Migrants get about a 30% bigger grant by default than those with the lowest pensions, who have actually worked their whole life for that assurance.

For sure. It's crazy how new all of our main religions are too, and yet so many don't ever question them, and they keep growing... wonder how they really took over back in the day.

Yeah its a skill not many people tend to master. Yeah Noppikoski will never happen. Never say never, even though nobody would want that. Interesting Art Van is a local furniture store chain we I live I don't every remember a city named that.

Pensioners are a dying breed in the states so it depends how much you invest and how well your investments do. I think it depends how much the government wants to give or how much a private company will give out. 35 maybe 40+ years of working and you can't make a decent living would suck.

In terms of the age of earth and all religions. All religions are relatively new. I guess lots of persuasive believers or people where more susceptible to believing in God or Allah and its teachings.

I mean, what Patrick Bateman here says isn't true for all states. Probably exaggerating a little. But California is a liberal state...here in Arizona, they do not get 'more privileges' than citizens. (They are privileged in the sense that they are coming from poorer environments, needless to say) Undocumented workers cannot receive food stamps as they are not in the system. Those that are documented, still pay taxes, but do not receive benefits as it is a very arduous process becoming a citizen. Yes, some do get government housing, but it's not like they are being stashed in hotels. Many of them don't, and live in overcrowded housings in not-so good neighborhoods. It can take years to officially become a citizen (I would know coming from a LEGAL immigrant family), and unlike Sweden and other European countries it seems, it's very hard to get citizenship. Children of illegal immigrants, that were born in the US, still have to pay international fees for post-secondary education (12,000$ vs 6,000$) despite living here all their lives.

Then there's the idea that locals don't want to many types of jobs. Where I am from, it's less common to see an American working in sanitation, landscaping, or housekeeping. Immigrants will often do this for less pay. So for some parts of the economy, they are beneficial.

Trump needs to STFU, but with that said, I do, with somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth, agree to a certain degree with most of his border/immigration policies.

Pro-diversity and multiculturalism isn't bad in itself, and when it happens naturally. It's bad when it's forced, or used to excuse abhorrent behavior.

I do or do not agree with Patrick Bateman I just liked his expression in that scene and has been my profile pic since I was able to change it. I am not advocating mass deportation of illegal immigrants they are only a problem if they are rapist or murders like that. Welcome to America not everyone is a racist redneck or American hating liberal.

I agree with less desired jobs that immigrants want because it is so tedious or degrading that patriotic Americans do not want but the job is beneficial to the economy.

Trump does say a lot of stuff and shouldn't like illegal immigrants and migrants are animals from MS-13. Liberals took the bait and are now defending a horrific inhumanly violent gang. The border polices are for the safety of this country and to liberals its always going to be racists even though thats hows it should be.


Well Mio means mine in Spanish (Latin?) so in that regard it's a suitable name! Lots of companies with short one-word names over here (and everywhere for that matter). We have some pretty short city/village names too, like Bro and By (which literally means village). Art Van huh, my knowledge of US-based warehouse franchises expands past Walmart. :)

Dying as in literally dying, or people work longer; spend less time with a pension? If it's the latter it seems to be going that way here too. One of the benefits for immigration (so they argue) is a younger population to take care of the pensioneers... so backwards thinking. What happens when them youngins grow old too. Also: definitely agree. I don't hold so much hope for the pension system in the future though, since it pretty much builds on continued exploitation and an ever expanding consumption - and in the long run that's just not going to work. People now probably have it pretty good compared to future people.

Mmm, you'd just think that so firmly rooted traditions as the old religions must have had (like the new ones have now) must have bound them a little harder. Seems strange they were so quickly cast aside.

Also regarding comment conclusion below, to the extent of my knowledge: fo rizzle. Agree.