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The sponsors would load on my 3.5 G's Crapple laptop but porno doesn't have an introductory ad so I can deposit all my experiences points without viewing advertisements. Comment

if you hate teh ads

Congrats exp increase

2016-04-24 00:58:57 by iscrulz

Lvel 2 achievement complete. Who's going for 100,000 experience points?

You'Re A Fucking White Male

2016-04-01 10:35:36 by iscrulz

I almost won the YUUUUUUUGE JACKPOT. well since .tiff isnt accepted you have to believe I had all trump tanks expect for one slot with a 100 dollar credit.269500_145964240473_image.jpg


Has it really been 14 years. What a journey it's been. 14 years ago Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram Tinder and the rise of social media wasn't even around.


-n days left

2014-03-27 16:27:52 by iscrulz


I finally did it. Yiss

I have a girlfriend

2013-06-29 02:44:46 by iscrulz

I am in love so see you guys later

Default preloader

2013-02-03 04:34:44 by iscrulz

With the sort of new default newgrounds preloader or player submissions will automatically play. How does one cease this because I didn't say you could fucking play, COLLAPSE COLLAPSE!!. Also I forgot about this, wait Foamy won mother of fucks\ Why the Fuck can't you idiots see its fucking rubbish *facepalm*

Re:Re: Temporary post

2012-09-20 09:09:06 by iscrulz

I always wanted to pay to use NG now my dreams come true. I do miss the ads when voting, the change is uh change nooooooo not change.

I hope my children in Falkreath kill each other with the ebony and glass daggers I give them. That would be so swell. Yeah so well damn bye. I am talking to myself shh what did I say. on and on FMFL


2012-07-29 11:04:47 by iscrulz

I was banned from commenting. How will I tell those people their pets wern't cute or troll them. Must I need to suck mod cock to be unbanned.

It doesn't matter I just think its time for a new posts this is an interim post.


not a post about new interFAIC

2012-03-25 05:57:08 by iscrulz

This is why I am broke/ This is how I protect my virginity LVL: Asian

not a post about new interFAIC